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GreenGeeks Review

dedicated server hosting
Prices starting from:

$2.95 / mo.

Reg. Price $9.95 – Get 70% Off!
  • Eco-friendly service
  • Free domain registration
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free site migration service

Is GreenGeeks Hosting Good?

GreenGeeks is not only a top web hosting company but they carve out a niche by providing eco-friendly hosting. For over a decade, GreenGeeks has harnessed renewable energy to power its web hosting services. In addition, GreenGeeks is known for its fast hosting plans due to their rapid SSD. Plus the multiple server locations and data centres add to GreenGeeks superior website loading speeds. So not only do you get a good hosting provider you contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.

This GreenGeeks review article is compiled from our own research, user reviews and online web hosting reviews. We have gathered enough information to write a detailed Greengeeks review. We tried our best to put in all information that is pertinent to choosing the best web host for your site and make this article as informative as possible. Our goal was to write a review that will be different from all other GreenGeek Reviews.



GreenGeeks Plans

Specification Value
520 ms
24/7 Live Chat
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage Space
Free Site Migration
30-day money back guarantee
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Shared Hosting

After putting hours into our research we checked different forums online and conducted a few short surveys. It helped us gather views from different customers. Though we also noticed a few shortcomings of the hosting service as well. We will explain everything and will try our best to help you get the right web hosting for your online business.

GreenGeeks Review
GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks Prices, Hosting Plans:

greengeeks web hosting plans


  • Free domain name for life
  • Provides unlimited web space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Much better uptime
  • Features PowerCacher technology
  • SSD increases the overall performance
  • Offers a free CDN
  • Much Better Security
  • Green power partner – reducing the carbon footprint


Lacks website staging

GreenGeeks Services

Let’s take a closer look at host plans GreenGeeks is currently offering to its customers.

WordPress Hosting

The first plan is managed WordPress hosting. Now, this is something that you will normally see on all big web hosting services providers. Managed WordPress hosting lets you get the most out of your plans. WordPress hostings allow 1-click installation making it hassle-free and easy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro website builder or someone who is just starting. GreenGeeks WordPress plan also provides excellent site security protection.

There are 3 GreenGeeks WordPress plans to choose from.

  • Lite WordPress Plan
  • Pro WordPress plan
  • Premium WordPress Plan

WooCommerce Hosting

GreenGeeks WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to add e-commerce to your website, so you can create an online store. All it takes is some simple clicks for you to turn your website into a functional e-commerce store.

GreenGeeks provides WooCommerce specific hosting to its customers. The hosting plan targets E-Comm owners specifically and comes full of resources for them. The hosting provides better speed to ensure the user gets a good experience. The server response time is usually good on this hosting plan because the site is already which is needed as it will have many java scripts and CSS that without the right host will slow down the site significantly.

There are 3 GreenGeeks WooCommerce.


Reseller Web Hosting

Manage multiple hosting accounts on GreenGeeks web hosting reseller plans. If you are a freelancer or a web developer GreenGeeks has amazing reseller plans. In addition to web developers adding hosting to bundles, reseller hosting allows a recurring revenue stream for starting your own hosting business. The easy billing management and account management automation system means it is simple to run and operate. GreenGeeks sells 3 different reseller plans based on server size.

The basic plan gives you access to 25 cPanel accounts which means you can sell it up to 25 different clients. In addition to this, you will also get a Free SSL certificate on every account which is another good thing.

Virtual Private Servers

Finally, there is a VPS hosting. VPS or virtual private server is a step ahead of the traditional shared web hosting services. It provides a dedicated environment to the user on the one server. Basically, it provides a software-based server to the website that can use full server resources alone. If you don’t need a dedicated server hosting plan but would like more resources than shared hosting then VPS hosting is a great plan to select. The major benefit of VPS is speed which makes it quite different from the traditional shared hosting services. The speed on the VPS is usually much better which means you won’t get any issue in terms of load time.

VPS can handle much more traffic as compared to the shared hosting that shares the server space with other websites hosted on the same platform. This way you can get much better performance, your TTFB will be good. You get a much better server response time and most importantly get an increased layer of security.


  • Eco-friendly service
  • Free site migration service
  • Unlimited diskspace & data transfer
  • Free SSL certificate & CloudFlare CDN
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Setup & domain fees aren't refundable
  • loading time for the WordPress website should be better

What Makes GreenGeeks Good?

Let’s jump into the next section and take a look at some of the features and benefits GreenGeeks currently provides to its users.

Fantastic Uptime

If you are tired of your previous web hosting services then consider switching to GreenGeeks. The company provides an amazing experience to its users with its excellent uptime. You won’t get any issue whenever you are hosting your site on any of their plans. Site uptime is so important when it comes to online business. Because your site is live to the whole world and you are dealing with customers from different parts of the world. Under such conditions, you can’t afford your site to go down even for a single second.

People who are in the affiliate marketing industry or those who are providing direct services to their clients can suffer a lot from such issues. Therefore you need to keep a reliable hosting service in order to avoid such problems. You can trust Greengeeks hosting with their 99.99% uptime.

Faster page load time

Page load time is another critical factor that you shouldn’t overlook whenever you are buying a hosting plan. Page Load time usually depends on the site resources and the hosting provider at the same time. If you are using a shared server, your site will be using shared resources with other websites on the same server. This will affect the speed and may sometimes cause issues. Your time to the first byte is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind all the time. Apart from that, your server response time is another important thing that can ruin the speed of your page loading if it isn’t good.

A quality web hosting provider will usually provide these things with much better numbers. Luckily GreenGeeks is one of those services provided. With GreeGeeks you get lightning-fast speed, the lowest possible TTFB, and a reliable server response time.

Quick and Professional Customer Support

Customer support is something that almost all webmasters look for whenever they are purchasing a hosting plan. Good customer support can take away half of your stresses whenever dealing with any kind of online business. GreenGeeks provides fast response times without having to wait for the whole day, compared to other host companies of the same tier.

You can contact them via phone call and get your problems solved instantly. Apart from that, you can also use their live chat support to get instant results. And if your problem is much more serious then you can reach out to them using the support ticket system. They will assign you an agent and the support team is very good.

In fact, we have our own case study when we had an issue with one of our sites a few months before. Actually, I messed up with the DNS settings and locked the site accidentally. The agent was so friendly and he explained everything in a very professional way. After that, my problem was solved.

Free Domain

One reason that GreenGeeks stands above many other web hosts is the fact that the company provides a free domain to its users. Yes! You heard it absolutely right. When you buy a plan they let you register a free domain name. Don’t worry you won’t get a low-level domain name like those dot ta, tk, or similar. GreenGeeks gives top-level domains to its users to help you get the most out of their service. This is something that only a few web hosting companies offer.

I remember the first time I registered my domain name with NameCheap and signed up for SiteGround hosting. I was so confused about connecting my domain name to the hosting. You won’t believe it but it took me almost 4 days to figure out things on my own. Even after watching 3 to 4 full-length youtube videos. If your hosting and domain name are from the same company this will save you from a lot of trouble. You don’t have to worry about confusing instructions on configuring your DNS settings and stuff like that.

Free Site Migration

If you are a business owner who isn’t happy with the current web host then GreenGeeks free site migration is an excellent benefit. Site migration and a setup fee are often charged by web hosts but not GreenGeeks. They also provide an easy knowledge base to follow with GreenGeeks support team on hand to help. The site plug-ins and technical steps are easy to follow, overall GreenGeeks migration is simple to do.

Nightly Backups

Backup is one thing that I personally love on computers. It allows you to work on many things confidently without the fear of ruining your data at all. Since your online business is your most important asset you need to be very careful regarding the backups of the website. Whenever you are playing with your site or adding to it you need a full backup. It will help you restore the site back to working condition if something goes wrong. At GreenGeeks they provide nightly backups which means every bit of your data will stay protected and can be recovered from the backup. This is an impressive feature which attracts a lot of people to their hosting plans.

Multiple Server Locations

The server is the main asset of any web host. It is the place where your data is stored. If you are using cloud hosting then you shouldn’t worry about anything because your site will have access to multiple servers at a time. However, if your site is on a physical server then there could be an issue. Basically the more the distance from the server the reduced your site’s performance will be. Since people mostly target tier 1 countries i.e. Australia, US, UK and Canada, you need a reliable server all the time. GreenGeeks has the advantage of multiple servers. Increasing the latency of your website which is essentially the measure of distance to the server gets better performance. GreenGeeks provide services from the following server locations:

  • Chicago, US
  • Phoenix, US
  • Montreal, CA
  • Amsterdam, NL

This can be really advantageous as it reduces the latency and server response time a lot.

Free CDN

CDN stands for content delivery service and it takes your content to keep on many small cloud servers. This way latency is not affected wherever your website is available. Whenever a user visits your website, the company then server the content based on the user’s location. GreenGeeks provides a free CDN which makes it even more awesome. GreenGeeks helps you deliver your content to your users in a much better and faster way. There are CDNs available on the market but most of them charge for their services. While on GreenGeeks you get access to a full free CDN.

Money-Back Guarantee

You can subscribe to any of the GreenGeeks plans and run a test site. After the test site determines how good GreenGeeks will be for your hosting needs, you can either continue or get money back with their 30-day money-back guarantee. It does not have to be a test website either if you sign up your business but then find it not working out you can still apply for your money back.

Negative Reviews of GreenGeeks

Based on our research we found a lot of interesting things about the GreenGeek hosting service. There are a lot of pros and of course, some downsides that we have covered in this article. You can read these and then decide according to your needs and requirements.

Questionable Refund

As we already mentioned GreenGeeks has a money-back guarantee. However, there is a price to that too. Since they are giving you a domain name it means they will charge you for that when you apply for the money back. If you want to avail their money-back guarantee they will charge you $28 for the domain name. The domain name is only free for their service. If you want to use it anywhere else you will have to pay.

No dedicated Server Hosting

People who are running big businesses need an isolated environment. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any dedicated server hosting with GreenGeeks. If you need a dedicated server then GreenGeeks is not an option. But remember to look at the VPS hosting review as this could be an alternative to dedicated servers.

No Cloud Hosting

Just as I already mentioned the company doesn’t provide any cloud hosting service. These are the two major cons in our opinion because Cloud and dedicated servers are in demand when it comes to serious business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks is a hosting company that was founded in 2007. The company has its main headquarter in Los Angeles, California and is providing hosting services to 300 thousand websites currently. The major point of difference is that GreenGeeks sells green powered and eco-friendly hosting.

Is GreenGeeks hosting good?

It depends on how you define good hosting. If you are a small business owner or someone who is just starting out then GreenGeeks is a good option. It has better price ranges and an affordable bracket range. Plus you will get much better speed, security, resources and very friendly, professional customer service and support. However, if you are looking for a dedicated server or cloud hosting then this might not be a good choice for you.

Does GreenGeeks offer forum support?

No, GreenGeeks doesn’t offer any forum support. However, you will get access to ticket-based customer support as well as live chat support. In our opinion, you don’t need any forum support if you are using these two options.

Final Thoughts

GreenGeeks is a web host for any customer or user. Even if you have no website building experience or Cpanel knowledge you will find the 1-click installation simple. And the WooCommerce hosting is WordPress based making it even more simple. If you are environmentally conscious then GreenGeeks has an excellent reputation for reducing the carbon footprint of website hosting. And GreenGeeks does so without negatively impacting any of their services.


If you are targeting a company that takes care of the green environment, GreenGeeks is the right Company for you as it positions itself as an environmentally friendly web host that aims not only to have satisfied customers, but also to create greater awareness ecological.
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