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A2 Web Hosting Provider Review

After the global pandemic of the COVID-19, a lot of businesses have understood the importance of being online. More than ever before having an online presence meant businesses could maintain a stream of revenue and keep in touch with their customer base. The first step to a reliable website is a web hosting provider and selecting from the hosting packages. Web hosting services are varied and hosting providers many. If you have narrowed down your search to A2 Hosting then read on for our ultimate review.

We assure you after reading this article you will know all the bright sides as well as shortcomings of A2 web hosting.

We assure you after reading this article you will know all the bright sides as well as shortcomings of A2 web hosting.

  • Uptime
  • Customer service
  • Web hosting plans
  • Servers
  • Speed
  • SSL Certificate
  • Domain names
  • Ram
  • Cloud hosting
  • WordPress
Specifications Value
622 ms
24/7 support
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage Space
Free Site Migration
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Online Reviews

All the information that we have added here is after deep research and based on online, real reviews – we have looked at it all so you don’t have to. It’s all here in the one spot! This isn’t like other web hosting reviews that will try to convince you to make a purchase – we want to help out our readers.

With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into A2 Hosting reviews.

A2Hosting ReviewA2Hosting Review
A2Hosting ReviewA2Hosting Review

A2Hosting Prices, Hosting Plans:

hosting plan
A2Hosting ReviewA2Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Services


Before we start talking about anything we consider it important to let you know about the services that the company is currently offering. It will give you a rough idea on what they have for you and what kind of service can be the right for your needs.

Shared Web Hosting

The first on their list is shared hosting. This is probably the one that every web host company offers currently. You may have already heard about this type of hosting before if you aren’t new to the online business. For those of you who don’t know what shared hosting is then we can clarify things for you.

Shared web hosting is a service that many web hosts provide to their users. Shared hosting is usually cheaper as compared to other services which make it a good start for beginners. Apart from that small businesses also love to utilize the shared hostings because of tighter budgets.

If you are just starting out then look no further than the shared option as you can get a good environment for practice without wasting a lot of money. However, there are some downsides of shared web hosting as well which is why larger businesses don’t use shared hosting. The main reason behind people avoiding shared WordPress hostings is its crowded environment.

Shared Web hosting means a single server is used to host different websites together. The resources are limited and sometimes it comes with restrictions which may not work positively for sites getting tons of traffic each month. However, there isn’t anything wrong with trying it if you are just starting out.

WordPress Hosting

Another service that the A2-hosting is currently providing to their customers is the managed WordPress Web Hosting. This is what most people are looking for when they are starting out. It is similar to shared hosting but since it is a WordPress specific service, you will be getting some additional perks.

These perks include a straightforward WordPress installation without any issue. Plus website maintenance which is also a great thing. A2 Hosting will handle your site security in a much better way and back you up with some additional resources for your WordPress website.

If you are wanting WordPress CMS only then we highly recommend you to go for the managed WP hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting

If you want to take your business a step further then there is a much better option for you. Instead of using the managed WordPress hosting and the shared hosting you can go for a dedicated server. Any Web developer will tell you it’s the best website hosting service that you can buy. The charges of dedicated server hosting are usually higher as compared to the shared and managed web hosts. But that’s because this hosting starts at the highest hosting level.

Unlike shared web hosting, dedicated servers allow you to utilize the whole server for your website. You will get a lot of resources that you can utilize for running a successful online business. The thing that makes dedicated servers the best choice is their speed and resources.

Because you are not sharing your space with other websites you get a decent amount of bandwidth, speed, and other resources. Speed is one of the most important things that you will be looking for whenever you are purchasing a plan for your needs. Think of it like using turbo servers and receiving superior service for your hosting. It’s the best web hosting plan A2 Hosting offers.

With a dedicated server, you don’t need to worry about your time to first byte or similar issues. A2 Hosting provides different versions of dedicated server hosting.

Managed Dedicated Server
Unmanaged Dedicated server

What is the Difference Between an Unmanaged Server and Managed Server?


Unmanaged Server 

In an unmanaged server with A2 Hosting, you will have to put things together yourself. This is for companies that have dedicated a web developer or a strong knowledge of website hosting. If you are either of these then you can easily manage it as there are so many options.

Your web developer will have complete freedom on the command line. You can use it to design your website the way you want it.

A2 Hosting does offer managed hardware and networks which means they always have your back. Apart from that, you will have your own choice to decide the operating system. You can use whatever operating system you are comfortable with but most developers go for Linux as it is more friendly to programmers.

Managed Server 

If you do not have the resources of a developer or programmer and do not have time for the coding yourself then go for A2 Hosting manager server option. The managed server option by A2 Hosting offers prebuild choices. Plus you get cPanel control which makes things as easy as spreading butter on bread.

Moreover, for dedicated servers – both managed and unmanaged A2 Hosting offers customer service guru’s active for you 24/7. So whenever you encounter a problem you can call get in touch with them. And you have full root access to the core server and much better site security. It will be as if you have a digital hound or a wolf guarding your site.

VPS Hosting

The resources on the dedicated server packages are quite impressive. However, if you don’t need the top tier hosting, then A2 Hosting provides another state of the art service called VPS hosting or virtual private server to be more specific.

It is similar to the dedicated server but steps down. For VPS hosting you get a separate site environment where you can host your WordPress website without any problem. You will get much more resources as compared to shared plans. However, the difference between a dedicated server and the VPS is that you don’t get a full physical server for your website.

A2 Hosting will allocate you a virtual server which works fine in most cases. There are so many good things such as better performance, increased uptime and increased security. A2 Hosting has probably one of the top-performing VPS that we noticed after doing hours of research.

Reseller Hosting

Lastly, there is a reseller hosting plan that can increase your profit if you are creative enough. This type of package suits web developers, web designers, and freelancers who create websites for a living.

Instead of waiting for your clients to purchase a hosting plan and then start working on the project, you can sell your own service. This means you are able to charge more as you will be providing the hosting as well.

Sometimes it may not work for you because people are picky when it comes to web hosting. However, most of the time it works like a charm as you will reduce the efforts of your client and provide them with a ready-made site without giving them getting their hands dirty.

If you are going for a reseller web hosting service in order to extend the wings of your business then we have a recommendation for you. Under such conditions, we recommend purchasing multiple reseller hosting to eliminate the issue of your client’s choice.

Can a Domain be Purchased with A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting isn’t limited to web hosting only. They also provide top-level domains to their customers. In our opinion purchasing the domain and hosting from the same company is always a good idea. This is because the company will configure things automatically for you.

In contrast, if you purchase the domain from another company then you will have to spend additional time and effort connecting it to your server. This is probably not a good idea for those who are just starting out. Because you will have to deal with so many things such as configuring your DNS setting, pointing your domain to the site and other issues.

I usually don’t like adding those CNAMEs and TXTs in my DNS settings. Sometimes there is an issue such as the conflict between a WWW and non-WWW version. You need to keep all these things in mind as any misconfiguration will lead to a loop of redirects which isn’t a good idea.


Pros & Cons of Using A2Hosting


  • CloudFlare Partner
  • Unlimited transfer and free site migration
  • SSD servers up to 20 times faster
  • Free automatic daily backups and Server Rewind tool
  • Money back guarantee at any time


  • High Premium Plans
  • Only the Turbo plan comes with faster 20x turbo servers and A2 Site Accelerator
  • Restrictions on Cheaper Plans

Features of A2 Hosting

Now that you are aware of the basic plans of the A2Hosting let’s take a closer look at the features.


Site migration is important.. Things get even harder, especially when hosting providers ask you to pay extra bucks for their migration service. However, A2 Hosting doesn’t.

A2 Hosting has an excellent service that will take care of your website’s migration as soon as possible. Though site migration isn’t free in all cases you can figure it out on your own with their advice once you have experience with them.

WordPress Installation

Another amazing thing about A2 Hosting is their WordPress installation. A2 Hosting allows you to install WordPress on your hosting plan with just a few clicks and that’s all. You don’t need to mess with those confusing core files and databases.

You can control everything with an easy to use cPanel. This is one best thing that newbie WordPress users can get the most out of. Your site will have much more security.

Customer Support

Customer support is a major feature and good support will solve 90% of your problems and help you stay calm while running a successful business. Luckily A2 Hosting has the best Web hosting customer support in the market.

A2 Hosting stays active 24/7 and replies to every single query that the customer asks. Their support can fix all kinds of problems that you face whether it be SSL certificate related, test site issues, ram, cloud hosting or any technical problem. For your convenience, A2 Hosting provides multiple ways of reaching out to them.

You can either reach out to them using the live chat option for which you will get an instant solution. However, if your problem is a bit more complex than you can use their ticket submission system.


Speed is an important factor that may not be directly related to website ranking. But you want your website to load as fast as possible. Though the site speed depends on what kind of website you have and whatever plugins you are using – the main focus though is that A2 Hosting provides excellent speed loads.

You can control factors that affect the speed of your site like total page size, first contentful paint (FCP), and largest contentful paints. Still, there are a few things that aren’t in your control. One of them is your server response time. When your site is hosted on A2 hosting you don’t need to worry about anything at all.

A2 Hosting provides better TTFB and server response time and is currently among the top hosting companies. Speed can be a real game-changing factor after 2020 so it is wise to be prepared from now.


Another important issue you need to be careful about is the site uptime. If a hosting provider can’t handle that much traffic and your site will be usually down which can be a problem.

In an online business, you can’t let your site go down even for a few seconds as you may lose your potential clients if that happens. A2 Hosting provides supreme uptime.

During our research, we conducted a small survey and noticed that sites hosted with A2 Hosting stay up for most of the time. 99% Uptime guarantee with A2 Hosting in fact.


Lastly, the performance of A2 Hosting is unmatchable when it comes to affordable web hosting. You will be amazed to see how efficiently your site performs because of the high bandwidth allocation. A2 Hosting provides better security to your sites giving you more protection against potential threats.

Shortcomings of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has so many great host features but would be remiss not to mention a few shortcomings on the A2 Hosting. We want you to know them before making any decision on who you hosting starts with.

The Renewal Rates are High

A2 Hosting provides very affordable rates at first. However, after the first year, they tend to increase their price. 1 year can be a very short period to start seeing some results on google especially when the algorithms keep changing regularly. Sometimes your site may be doing well the other time it may not.

Under such circumstances, you need to think carefully about whether you will be able to keep up with the prices of the service or not. Only after that, you can make the final decision.

Cheaper Plans come with Restrictions

The cheapest host option with A2 Hosting comes with a lot of restrictions. The first being that A2 Hosting provides only 100GB of SSD storage to a single site. And you don’t get automatic back and server rewind features.

It would be best if A2 Hosting had included these things in their plan. Anyways if you want to get full features you will need to go for their expensive plans which doesn’t seem good enough.


FAQS - A2 Hosting

Is A2 Hosting good?

At such a good price plan, better performance, and one of the most friendly customer support on the world wide web A2 Hosting is a good company. A2 Hosting provides different packages which are sufficient for all types of varied sites.

Whether you are a blogger, an affiliate marketer, or just a company that is providing local cleaning services you will always get the best results. That being said, there are a few cons of the service as well but alone these don’t outnumber the decent packages and reliable features of A2 hosting.

How do I add a domain to my A2 Hosting?

Here is a complete and step by step tutorial of adding the domain with A2 Hosting.

  • Login to your hosting cPanel account (Plesk)
  • Locate the option that says “addon domains”
  • Click on it and then navigate your way to the domain name section
  • Enter your domain name
  • Choose the hosting type for this domain
  • Choose between www and non-www version
  • Click ok

How do I cancel A2 Hosting?

If you aren’t happy with the A2 Hosting you aren’t bound to keep using them by any means. With just a few super-simple steps you can cancel your subscription anytime you want. Here is a quick guide that will help you do so.

  • Log in to your A2 Hosting customer portal first
  • Go to the services tab on the menu bar
  • Click my services tab
  • Navigate your way to the service that you want to cancel
  • Click on manage
  • Fill in the description of why are you doing so
  • Select the option to cancel it right now or by the end of the billing period
  • Click on request cancellation

What is a reseller hosting like with A2 Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a unique hosting plan that A2 Hosting provides to its customers. This plan is quite beneficial for those who are into freelance or want to offer complete digital services. If you are building websites for your clients you can upsell them your own plans and as a result, generate some income.

Reseller hosting is basically when you are using A2 Hosting resources for doing your business. Of course, you will need to buy the plan first. In contrast to reseller hosting, there is one more option which is affiliate marketing. Most companies allow you to promote their product and get a commission after every purchase.

Final Thoughts

After doing in-depth research and gathering so much information online we hope you have found our A2 Hosting review helpful. Our goal is to guide you in making the right decision and getting the right web hosting plan for your needs. A2 Hosting is in the top tier of the most reliable and fastest host on my list of the best web hosting providers

After taking a closer look at some of the pros and cons of A2 Hosting we think it can be a great choice for most businesses. However, when it comes to services you will need to select them according to your needs and desires. For instance, people with a small business may want to start with the shared plan and then move on to VPS or a dedicated server.

That sums up our review for A2 Hosting, if you enjoyed reading our article please consider sharing it with your friends and family to help them get as much knowledge as possible.

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